Saturday, March 5, 2011

Port Dickson - Cape Rachardo Ride

At Teluk Kemang, Port Dickson's popular beach area

Cape Rachardo, Malacca
Its been a week since Michelle and I did some riding on our Dahon Speed P8 and Speed TR.
So, after putting some thoughts onto a simple route, I decided to try out Port Dickson, located about an hour's drive from my home in Subang Jaya.
We took our bikes and drove to the Costa Rica resort and parked at a residential area.
By the time our bikes were rigged-up it was already 08:45am. 
We rode towards the Army Camp near the Selesa hotel which is roughly about 6km away. 
Traffic was busy and having driven past this area several time, my first impression was a tough ride.
As it turned out, the hills and climbs were short.
All that training in Hulu Langat was not put to waste. 
I have learned to pace myself, shift into low gear when there's heavy resistance and control my breathing.
My cadence and speed has also improved.
Cape Rachardo is about 20km from where we parked our vehicles, so, I did expect cycling in heavy traffic.
By 09:00am, the sun was out blazing. It was getting really hot.
We rode to the foothill of Cape Rachardo and covered nearly 18km in total distance.
By 10:45am, we reached the Ilham resort. 
Michelle and I took some snapshots at the edge of the cape. We didn't go to the lighthouse.
From our intended destination, we rode back in to Port Dickson.
By 11:45am we managed to cover about 40km and the entire ride took nearly two and a half hours. 
After a good ride, we had some refreshment in PD town, saw a bunch of cyclists who were hanging out there. 
By the time we packed our bikes and loaded them onto our car, we shot off to Kuala Lukut.
But there were no food there, so, we ended up having lunch in Sungai Pelek.

Here's my assessment on the PD-Cape Rachardo ride:

Distance: 40km
Difficulty: Moderate
Observations: Heavy traffic, lots of lorries driving very close to the road shoulder
Terrain: Mostly flat, some areas are hilly.

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