Thursday, March 17, 2011

Cateye adventure cyclometer

The Cateye Adventure Cyclometer - premium item with altimeter and inclinometer

I must say that I was pretty pumped-up with the prospect of the Cateye Adventure cyclometer.
This is a state-of-the art cycling gadget featuring an altimeter and the ability to measure gradient which I found pretty useful especially when it comes to cycling in undulating terrain.
So, I rigged it up on my new Dahon Curve SL folding bike.
Now, before I start, let me say that this one gadget that is not easy to set up.
There are simply too many steps to set the wheel circumfrence and even the clock is harder to set compared to most of the Cateye cycling computers that I had.
Another feature that nails it in is the digital accuracy. To get the sensors working, you must first pair its frequency.
Now, when it comes to the crunch, my set had failed.
It didn't work at all, even when the maximum distance between the wheel sensor and meter is 70cm. 
Nothing worked. 
I guess I must have been doomed with a faulty set. Or the battery has gone really weak.
The transmitter was not able to give a reading.
My next course of action is to return the meter to the dealer and ask if he could look into it.
I've solved this problem of course, with the Cateye Velo, a cheaper solution.
Moral of the story: Cheap can also be good at certain times.. 
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