Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Some new handlebar gadgets

Top - The Minoura Space Bar and bottom - the handlepost drink cage adaptor
With more long-distance rides on the horizon, I anticipate some upgrades on my Dahon Speed P8.
Over a period of two years, my folding bike has seen some transformation.
The latest gadgets I've added onto the handlebar is the Minoura Space Bar.
This is an extension that allows cool stuffs like a GPS console, two-way radio and other electronics to be mounted on it.
I chose an additional bike light by Cateye for the purpose of illuminating my night rides.
The Space Bar allows two lights to be mounted and this was simply amazing!
Another item I've added onto the handlebar's stem is a bottle cage adapter.
Both the accessories are made in Japan and were decently priced.

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