Friday, March 18, 2011

More cool bike stuff

Simple and effective: the Cateye Velo wireless cyclometer

Last piece: the Pedros blowout bag

I've outfitted my new Dahon Curve SL with a Cateye Velo (now rebranded as 'Urban') cyclocomputer that has nine basic functions.
This is a downgrade from my Cateye Adventure which I am keeping for my future ride.
It was good to go as soon as I've installed it on my Curve SL.
No hitches, no drawbacks.
What I like about the Velo is the large numerical display and its ease of use.
This is important to record my ride distance, speed, average speed.
There is a built-in odometer too which enables me to log in the mileage.
Next on the list, was the Pedros Blowout Bag.
This is a classic saddlebag made from recycled tire tubes.
I had a Black-Yellow version on my Dahon Speed P8 and thought that I would standardize the bags to carry my recovery kit.
Its good enough to hold my Topeak Ratchet Rocket, Mini-9 tool and my Chain Kit on the Rescue Box.
I am pretty happy with it as it is a no-frills saddle back that looked good on my Curve SL.
There are many other saddle bags out there, but they are just dog ugly.
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