Saturday, March 26, 2011

Malacca EZ ride

The gang at A Famosa's ruins in Malacca
Michelle and I drove down to Malacca early this morning.
Our mission was to lead and sweep the Dahon Folding Bike Club's EZ ride outing.
Up till 08:10am, no one had turned up.
On head-count, it was just me, my wife and Chanson Lau of Le Run Industries.
Some Dahon owners who had signed up on MyDahon's page on Facebook gave us the slip.
But come what may, the show must go on.
We led Chanson through a simple 18-km route around the city and visited several places of interest before breaking for a meal at Jalan Laksamana Cheng Ho.
We rode for two hours or more and completed the route before calling it a day.
After packing up, we took off to Rodalink Malacca's branch somewhere in Bacang.
It was an impressive outlet with plenty of gear including Dahon folding bike.
The FBC outing was a flop in terms of statistics.
But for Chanson, its pure commitment.
It didn't bother him if the turnout was bad. 
Michelle and I were the only Dahon FBC members who showed up.
Pretty poor considering the number of bikes sold at Rodalink outlet averages at a decent figure.
So, where are the regulars and newbies? 
Well, today, there were a few events happening concurrently.
There's the Putrajaya Eco Hunt and G2 Club Earth Hour ride in Penang.
As for the rest, well, I guess some folks don't like to wake up early in the morning.

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