Thursday, March 17, 2011

Dahon 2009 Curve SL

The lastest 16" foldie in our family: The 2009 Dahon Curve SL

The older colour was not my preferred choice

Capreo shifter, one-handed operation

FSA crankset - simply badass!

The Capreo hub and cassettte

The 'flight' of my Dahon 2009 Curve SL had been plagued by a few problems.
First, it was the pedal mount.
I made a mistake by assembling it too soon without realising that there was a 'dimple' on the crank arm's pedal insert.
By doing so, the quick-release MKS MT-E pedals couldn't fit properly.
The problem was solved when I attached a metal washer on the mount.
Next, I couldn't get my Cateye 'Adventure' cyclometer to work properly. Either the battery was weak or the transmitter could not reach to the receiver.
After sorting out my pedals problem, I took the bike for a quick spin.
Now, the transition from a 20" folding bike to a 16" ride seems to be rather 'odd' and needs some getting used to.
Instead of riding upright, I had to lean forward.
The ergon grips on my Curve SL worked great. The bike is really solid.
But I did experience some 'flex' during a short climb on a slope.

And with the impact and vibration, a piece of the magnetix connector came out. I didn't realise this until I folded the bike.
Later, I recovered a piece of the magnet. The mounting screw and spring was gone.
As of now, the Curve SL is far from being ready for my rides.
But I am sure as hell going to get the hang out of it...
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