Wednesday, April 6, 2011

AF Nikkor 24mm F1.4G

A very fast wide-angle prime lens
I would never doubt that Nikkor lenses would fail to deliver.
Having used some and still keeping them in my stash, I must say that I am a big fan of the Nikkor 24mm lens.
I have a prime 24mm F2.8 AF Nikkor which has been shelved.
The rear element on this lens was so badly scratched, its literally a write-off.
I tried to be nice by lending it to a photographer who did a good job at banging it up and didn't own up for doing so.
Fast forward to a week ago, I saw the new AF Nikkor 24mm F1.4G at the Nikon flagship showroom and asked one of their 'advisor' there on the lens.
He didn't know if the glass is weather-sealed and recommended me a dealer in Amcorp Mall.
I guess these guys are working hand-in-hand, so, having heard his explanation, I guess its a lost cause.
I never did have any luck at all with my Nikon gear as the brand itself is plagued with morons who don't know jack about their products.
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