Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The new era Army

The military personel in this photo came heavy under fire after the pix was published recently
I found it rather funny to watch 'My brother, Our Army' on the National Geographic channel.
The music was corny, the whole thing was a propaganda by an island republic to paint a good picture about their national service.
I guess the retardedness of the Generation Y was reflected on a photo of an Army dude walking wiht his maid carrying his combat pack trailing along.
This came under hard criticism from all quarters.
It may be an isolated case, but people are now mocking the SAF for being 'soft'.
I guess in an island where the pressure to succeed is high and there's a good standard of living, people tend to take a lot of things for granted.
The maid in this perspective, is doing more than just cleaning up the household.
Now, they are humping combat gear into the line and who knows? Maybe someday, the SAF Foreign Maid Legion may be formed to protect the island.
Like the picture had painted a thousand words: They don't produce real guys anymore, even a walk to the barracks had to be escorted by a certified combat ready maid.. Hahah!
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