Thursday, April 7, 2011

Biologic Bike Brain Lite

Biologic's Bike Brain Lite is a free application for Iphone 4 users

The Bike Brain's dashboard

You can map your ride on this apps
Biologic, a division on Dahon bikes have come up with some really cool stuff.
One of the most interesting free apps they are offering, is the Bike Brain for iphone 4.
I've downloaded this onto my ipod, but it doesn't work.
You'll need an iphone to make full use of its GPS tracking and mapping capabilities.
Since its free, and if you own an iphone, this apps is worth checking out.
I doubt it very much that I would ever own an iphone 4 because the cost of getting one and maintanining it is simply outrageous and the vendors who sells them are confirmed retards..
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