Wednesday, April 20, 2011

You can't please them all..

The Laksa shop in Lrg Brunei

Here's a feedback from a 'Dato Zaki Razak' on an article I wrote today:

"Dear Sam,

You know very well that on the day you wrote this article on how great the food was at the stall 168, DBKL has been fighting a war to get rid of dirty restaurants and dealing with those food operators who violated city hall rules like cleanliness, pedestrian obstruction etc. Just look at the restaurant at 168, how they have extended their business beyong the boundaries of the shoplot well into the pedestrian walkways. It is because of people like you who glorifies these dirty restaurants that is making them continue to be a nuisance to the entire city dwellers. What a shame the sight would be when it is seen by tourists.

I hope as a STAR reporter , you should also play a role to promote what is good for the country and our city specifically. Besides, for such a dirty looking restaurant, the public should not be patronising such outlets."

Zaki Razak
I gave a standard reply, the usual stuff that is diplomatic:

"Hello Zaki,

Thank you for your feedback.

You comments have been noted."



Well, there you have it. Street food is not for everyone. If the stall was run by a Malay owner, would he mention his concerns on the similar lines? Over the years, I have dealt with some really nasty people. This guy, he's diplomatic. But what is his ulterior motives? Is he with the City Hall advisory board? Is it wrong to promote street food? I leave that to the readers out there. But as it is, I'll keep on truckin'! Hahaha!
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