Thursday, April 14, 2011

Road to Mount Ophir part 3

The road to Muar

Refreshment break in Sungai Mati

Entering Muar

At Tanjung Emas

Muar's famous Chai Kee Kopi 434 shop

We did it!
Half the fun in a long-haul ride is getting to the destination.
The rest is getting back to the starting point.
So far, we've covered some 36.5km one-way to Tangkak.
We had our lunch, rested well and continued to cycle to Sungai Mati where we took a short break for refreshment.
This was also the time for me to refill my Camelbak podium insulated bottle.
Earlier, I've added the Camelbak Elixir isotonic tablet to the bottle. The lemon-lime flavour is overpowering and even after diluting it, the taste is still there.
We cycled to Parit Ponorogo and took the opportunity to photograph a stall selling mussels. 
The guy who runs it was very obliging as I snapped some photographs. 
While we rested at a bus stop, some 8km away from Muar, I saw a lone tourer and his bike and waved at him.
That dude smiled and I can hear him laughing. 
I think he was headed towards Malacca.
Michelle and continued to cycle to Muar and headed towards her auntie's house.
There, we caught up with the Lau clan who were down for Cheng Beng.
We spent about an hour or more at the house and made our way to Tanjung Emas.
Nothing much to see at this place except for some monkeys and the recreational area.
From the cape, we rode to Chai Kee coffee shop in town and celebrated our ride with a cold glass of iced coffee.
Our ride ended at the home of our host. 
In total, we clocked about 73.2km, which is short of a century.


Distance covered: 73.2km
Average speed: 16km/h
Fastest speed: 36km/h
Times stopped: 4
Flat tires: 0
Level of difficulty: medium. Some sections of the ride are hilly
Level of fitness for this ride: 2 (moderate)
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