Sunday, April 17, 2011

Broga Ride

The long undulating terrain towards Nottingham University's campus in Broga

At the Selangor-Negeri Sembilan border

Having a warm glass of Chinese tea during lunch
Michelle and I have been talking about Broga and riding in the area for some time. 
We put this idea into full swing this morning by driving to Semenyih town and setting up our 16" Dahon Curve D3 and SL bikes.
Since my wife had encountered a busted valve two weeks ago, the bike has been plagued with problems.
Just barely minutes into the journey, we pulled over near an orphanage to adjust the rear wheel of the Curve D3.
Seems that the chain was loose and this causes the internal hub gear not to engage.
So, throughout the ride, Michelle was only riding with two gears.
I can say the same with my Curve SL as the rear derailleur kept jumping.
I tried tweaking this a bit and it kinda held up.
We rode into Broga at 10am which is kinda late for our cycling tours.
By mid-day, the sun was up and the weather was very hot.
At the last kilometre before reaching Broga Hill's trail head, we took a break by the roadside. 
This shaded area provided relief from the sun.
After a good rest, we rode into Broga town and circled the area before taking a refreshment break at a coffeeshop.
The main attraction here is a Chinese temple at the edge of town, roughly about 1km away.
We rode there and checked out the temple before heading down to a makan place for an ealry lunch.
A good meal made up for the ride, which is roughly about 9.5km from Semenyih.
After filling up our tummy, we rode back to town, packed our bikes and headed home.

Trip summary

Total distance covered: 19.6km
Number of stops: 1
Number of punctures: 0
Average speed: 18km/h
Top speed: 32km/h
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