Thursday, April 21, 2011

Ready to roll..

My Dahon Speed P8 is touring-ready..
There is a long weekend looming ahead and Michelle is pretty excited about the prospect of taking our bikes for a tour.
I've outfitted the Dahon Speed P8 and TR with a set of Ortlieb backroller and frontroller including a rack pack.
This means, we can haul our gear for some extended ride across the stateline.
That said, my biggest headache now: is to search for a decent route and survive the ride.
We don't want to get killed or maimed, so, careful planning is the key.
Initially, I was thinking of Bikepacking to Kota Baru in Kelantan and roll our way towards Kuantan in Pahang.
Roughly, the distance is about 330km and the only rough patch is near Kijal where the roads are narrow, hilly and windy.
There has been a lot of mention about this route by touring riders on and I've been enjoying their journals.

The route from Kota Baru, Kelantan to Kuantan, Pahang
The idea of cruising the East coast was shot down as Michelle didn't take a liking to to bikepacking with public transport.
My plan is to take a bus to Kota Baru, ride down to Kuala Terengganu. We will spend a night there and ride early in the morning - averaging at 100km per day.
There's plenty to see and a few decent places to stay along this route.
Instead of doing the East coast cruise in four days, she suggested a follow-up ride from Sekinchan to Sabak Bernam.
Then, a bright spark came to mind.
We can actually cycle from our home to Klang and work our way to Sabak Bernam in one day.
But both Michelle and I concur that the route is dangerous as heavy vehicles have no respect for small two-wheelers.
We've experienced this in Sekinchan.
The distance would chart about 100km and this is ideal for our Century ride. From USJ26, I think it would clock about 150km one-way.
Our plan is to get to Bidor from Teluk Intan and jump into the ETS to head home.
Since I have a week to bash this one out, its time to get back on the drawing board and work out an equipment list.
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