Thursday, April 14, 2011

Road to Mount Ophir part 1

Posing for the camera at a relative's home in Muar

Char Koay Teow for the soul..

Enroute to Sungai Mati, some 10km away from Muar
Michelle had suggested a ride to Tangkak from Muar during our visit to her hometown for Cheng Beng recently.
I snapped the idea and jumped straight into it as soon as we made lodging arrangements with her relatives there.
Our plan was to ride towards Tangkak, some 36.5km Northeast of Muar.
I studied the route on Google Maps and found it to be a straight forward ride with 15kms of undulating terrain towards Tangkak.
So, that in mind, we prepared our Dahon Speed P8 and TR.
Michelle and I decided to go with the 20" bikes for longhauls as they have proven its roadworthiness in Betong, Thailand earlier this year.
We packed the bikes and drove down to Muar in Johor after finishing work.
The city traffic on Fridays was horrible and it took us more than three hours to get to a relative's home in Jalan Teratai, Muar.
We spent the night catching up with our hosts and called it a day after having supper.
On Saturday morning, we woke up early to set up the bikes and departed to the town centre.
It was a breezy 3-km ride towards Jalan Yahya where we had breakfast.
From there, we rode towards the Muar bridge as traffic was not heavy.
Along the ride, we came across three guys on their mountain bikes.
These buggers weren't as friendly as some of the roadies we have met on our rides.
They remained aloof till we lost sight of them prior to arriving in Sungai Mati.
The road to Tangkak was also heavy with traffic as vehicles sped towards the tolled highway.
We kept to the left and were riding along the white line.
After 30-minutes of cycling, we made a pit stop near a school and spotted a monitor lizard crossing the road.
A few ladies who were hanging out nearby were spooked by the large lizard.
From there, we rode to Sungai Mati where some roadworks were taking place.
Traffic was at a standstill as vehicles manouvered along the crammed lane.
I told Michelle to pull over as a retard on a 4WD truck was driving too close to the road shoulder.
From there, we worked our way slowly towards pekan Bt 10.

to be continued..
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