Thursday, April 14, 2011

Road to Mount Ophir part 2

Arrival in Tangkak

Kuang Fei beef soup

Michelle, pointing out a road sign near Muar
It took us some 1hour 20minutes to arrive at the outskirts of Tangkak.
The 15km of undulating terrain leading to this town had really sapped our energy. 
I used up my water bottle as I kept myself hydrated under the hot sun.
Traffic was beginning to swell up and things got a bit hairy at the intersection to the PLUS highway as heavy vehicles started to weave in and out.
We made our way towards a Petronas station in Tangkak and treated ourselves to a bottle of 100Plus isotonic drink.
Under the heat, it was a bliss.
We took a ride towards the edge of the town and decided to find a place to chill out. 
Michelle's cousins were supposed to meet up for lunch at Kuang Fei beef noodles.
So, we made our way there, found a place to park our Dahons and ordered a drink.
While we were at it, we also tried out a bowl of beef soup.
This went down really well.
As we sat and rested, a bunch of bicyclist rode past us.
Seems that the folks in Tangkak are really into cycling.
Bicycles are a common sight here.
Tourists too are flocking to the noodle shop for an early lunch.
At noon, our hosts arrived as we helped ourselves to a hearty lunch.
We parted ways and by 1.30pm, the sun was out in full glory.
This means riding back to Muar under intense heat.
My plan was to cycle in stages and our next pitstop was Sungai Mati...

to be continued..
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