Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Topeak two timer

Best of both worlds: Manual pump with C02 inflator 
Better safe than sorry.
That is my motto when it comes to building up a recovery kit for my rides.
In times when you least expect a tube or valve blowout, there's always that fear of being caught off-guard.
This happened last Sunday when my wife's bike tire had a blowout.
I pack a Topeak One-timer and Two-timer on my Dahon Curve SL and this proved to be useful when we changed the inner tube and inflated it.
The C02 inflator's 'smart' valve had proven to be an asset when it comes to inflating a presta valve on the spare tube.
It sped up recovery time and inflating the tube was effortless with the C02 cartridge.
But the downside to the canned air is that you can't keep the cartridge in the inflator.
Once the C02 cartridge is punctured, air will escape.
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