Thursday, April 21, 2011

The plan

After working out a decent route, this seems to look like a plan that will work..
I've given much thought about the killer stretch in Kuala Selangor leading to Sekinchan.
This is roughly about 25kms in a single line, but its treacherous with loads of heavy vehicles speeding past a two-lane trunk road.
The terrain is rather flat in this part of the Peninsula and some of the most gruesome road accidents were reported here.
My plan is to leave our home in USJ 26, ride into Klang and turn off to Kapar.
From there, we will cycle to Kuala Selangor.
Riding early in the morning would be an advantage and since we plan to cycle about 100km a day, reaching Sabak Bernam wouldn't be an issue.
The journey will be made in three stages.
First, get to Sabak Bernam, then off to Teluk Intan and the final leg of our mini tour would end in Bidor, Perak.
Let's see how it'll go..
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