Sunday, April 24, 2011

Kayuhan Kesihatan MPSJ series 1 - April 24, 2011 Part 2

Cockpit view of the ride

Ex-national cyclist Kumaresan (right) perparing to shed his riding gear after the ride

Michelle, riding back after a 30km route in Subang Jaya...
In the second-part of my article on the Kayuhan Kesihatan, I will wrap up by breaking my observation.
I must say that I had really enjoyed myself, sweating it out and completing the 15km ride around Subang Jaya.
The ride was well organised. Here are some highlights of the ride..


There were ride Marshalls and enforcement officers blocking the road and clearing a path for the participants. This is one of the better organised rides around. MPSJ is the second municipal council in the Klang Valley to do so.


I must say that the MPSJ was backed by some experienced riders. They have former National cyclist M. Kumaresan who proved to be a hit among the young riders. Light meals and water was give to the cyclists which came straight from the council's coffers.


Solid ride along the long stretches in Subang Jaya. Good enforcement although some motorists had managed to slip past the line. The organisers capped the maximum speed to 20km/h. They stuck to their 'Kayuhan Kesihatan' not 'Kayuhan Kesakitan' at the 50km challenge organised by the Ministry of Health last year.


There were potholes and uneven road along the route. We paid assessment, this should not be the case.


Hahaha! Some middle-aged moron on a Merida road bike tried to block Michelle when she was riding her Dahon Curve D3. He nearly fell off the road. We were also mocked by some roadies who have never seen a fast 16" wheeler on the road. To put it simply, even when you have a full carbon or titanium road bike, if you are not fit, you are done. Just pull over to let others pass.


We had fun and since this is a once-a-month event, we will take part whenever time permits..
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