Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Its just one of those days...
I was doing a long-distance ride with a single Sigma Power LED bike light on my handlebar.
While taking the bumps and knocks, I noticed that the light housing was dangling on my Minoura Space bar.
After riding for 20km, I realized that the mounting clamp was broken.
That's one mount down and one more to go.
Since I purchased my Sigma Power LED Pro lights, its been plagued by problems.
The piece of rubber ring that holds it together breaks eventually.

 The ninkampoops just killed it!
I had the lights in less than a year.
So, to get some bearings on whether a replacement part can be sourced or not, I gave the store which I bought the light from a call.
On the receiving end, the guy who took my inquiry told me that I should leave my number.
He will call me if parts could be obtained.
That was two months ago.
I guess I'll have to email the German manufacturer directly to get the low-down.
Meanwhile, I am just happy with my Ay-Ups!

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