Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The trouble with experts..

Believe the hype...
I made a run to Paramount Garden for an early lunch.
Then, a trip to a new bike shop in Section 19, Petaling Jaya.
There was a nice write-up in about this place.
Its owned by a couple who love to cycle and later formed a 'specialist' bike store.
I was really impressed with the article.

Lending a helping hand...
An old timer friend of mine from Kota Baru contacted me about some KHS folding bike.
He stood at 6' 1" which is pretty tall for Asian standards.
When I got into the shop, I noticed the KHS bikes. 
One of the sales guy came up (later, upon reference to the article, this is a tech person who was quoted as : 'enthusiastic' and 'helpful')
So, I asked the guy: "Eh boss, anyway to fit in a longer stem for this handlebar ah?"
He said: "I wouldn't recommend retro-fitting the bike.."
Same goes with a few questions on the handlebar stem.
Then, I asked him about the bike's drivetrain. 
His reaction: "I don't understand.. What 18-speed?"

Then, things turned really ugly...
I studied his body language and facial expression.
The tone of his voice indicated that he wasn't pleased with the inquiry.
His facial expression says it all. 
My last question: "What is the maximum rider's weight?"
His response: "105kgs"
I continued by asking: "What if the person exceeds the weight limit?"
He said: "Your questions are too technical.."

I told him that he sucked and left the scene.

Moral of the story:
You never know who or what will walk through that door.
Obviously, the store's customer service blows!
The guy gave a lot of attitude and gauging from the way he handled things, I don't think this shop will survive.
Having lots of money, loving the cycling scene doesn't mean you can run a successful business.
Its how you treat people. With this experience, I will never set foot at this store. I can only wish the owners best of luck. If they keep up with the attitude, don't blame the customer.

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