Monday, September 24, 2012


A cautionary tale...
I made mention of a dude who barked orders while we were packing our bikes in Klang.
He made it very loud and clear that most of the guys who ignored his orders were 'unethical'.
I got him where I wanted when he posted my story on Facebook.
Now, this story has the highest hit in the series I posted.
Why? People wanted to know what happened.

The Facebook post
 The Empire Strikes Back
Well, obviously, Mr Union Jack was hurt by what I said.
There has to be some truth in this, otherwise he won't go all out to put up the link in every Facebook cycling peer groups.
Personally, I don't give a crap about the posts. 
Mr Union Jack's sympathisers were fast on making comments, then editing it. They were not there to see everything.
Some war monger may even prod the guy to take legal action by suing me for bajillions of ringgit.
Nowadays, when you make a point or remark on people, they tend to threat you with a lawsuit.
In this case, I let the others be the judge.

Doing me a great favour
By blowing this issue out of proportion, Mr Union Jack is actually helping me to filter out other selfish and stuck-up cyclists. I need to thank him and buy him a pint of Guinness for being so up front and inform his fellow cyclists to 'think twice' before joining any of my rides.

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