Monday, September 24, 2012

World Car Free Day Ride - Part 3

Pulau Ketam revisited
We have to endure a 30-minute ride to Pulau Ketam.
The bikes are placed on a cargo hold on top of the cabin.
Some cyclists were worried about losing their bike.
Since this was a big group, the cabin space was maximized for passengers.
I didn't mind the bike being hauled just as long as it was secured.
The first thing that came in mind when we landed on the island was to look for food.
I had to take care of the Muslim riders and told my buddy Radzi to ask the local cop on where to get Halal food.
The rest of the gang went on with their own business.
One of the cyclists had a problem with his front brake, so, his priority was to attend to his bike first.
After a decent meal, we rode out to one of the island's Chinese temple. 
But I couldn't locate the other guys.
Back in the village square, I told the rest that instead of setting out for a ride, its free and easy. 

Setting up the bikes on the jetty
Rolling out
 Time well-spent
Well, the old-timers were having a lot of fun.
I joined them later for a few beers. 
Mr Wee, their ring-leader was on a ball.
These guys are in their late 50s and the most jovial guys around.
This was also the first time I met Joseph, one of their buddies who blogs - Joe's Blogsite
He's an avid cyclists and man, the old saying that goes: "Never judge a book by its cover" was true to the core.
Prior to the ride, I have never met Joe. His blog is very interesting and if you are a newcomer, you would be inspired.
Despite the muka bengis (stone face), this old timer is one of the nicest guy in the group.
Then, there were Nash, the comedian, Sin, one of the fittest bikers around and Wong, the youngest member of the group.
These guys are in the construction business and pretty well-off. So, its no wonder why high-end folding bike shops and some of their customers are sucking up to them.

Riding the plank
The Kaki Foldies gang: Joe, Fong, Wee, Wong, Nash & Sin
 Time to hit the road.
We spent about a day on the road, rail and boat.
After all the enjoyment, its time to head back to mainland.
Some of the cyclists wanted to ride in Port Klang.
But since it was getting late, I decided to scrap the plan and told them that there will be ample opportunities to do so on another time.
We boarded the KTM Komuter and parted ways.
My ride home was a smooth affair with Andrew Ng and his wife Hui Min.

Unloading at the jetty
The ride home...
It was an interesting ride in a sense that most of the cyclists did not drive.
Only a handful had drove and parked their vehicle in Brickfields.
The main point in this exercise is to show the riders on how to use the Federal Highway's motorcycle lane to access different parts of the Klang Valley, particularly to the West of the city centre.
In this ride, we cycled, took the train and a vessel. The experience is complete.
That said, I might do something different for next year's event..

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