Wednesday, September 12, 2012

CFAL 4 - Part 1

Setting out 
We packed out bikes in the car the day before heading out to Penang.
Our plan was really simple.
Drive towards Georgetown and check-in at the hotel.
After feeding our dogs, we headed out on the highway.
It took us nearly four hours to reach the Penang bridge and we were on our way to Jalan Ayer Molek where the serviced apartment was located.

Sir Naughty gets a treat
A hazy Georgetown
Duck egg char koay teow treat
Michelle's family chores..
We unloaded our bikes into our room.
Its a decent and clean serviced apartment with the basic amenities and free Wi-Fi.
This is what Michelle had wanted.
Later, we went out to Burma road to get some local biscuits for Michelle's mum.
I found a coffee shop nearby where we had duck egg char koay teow.
After a good meal, I rang up my buddy Eddie who had arranged for dinner near Gertak Sanggul.

A cool shot taken near Queensbay mall

Our hosts: Mag and Eddie

Garoupa in claypot

We met up at Queensbay mall where Eddie had arranged for a ride towards the makan place. Over dinner, we engaged in a conversation and after we were done, our host had dropped us off at Queensbay Mall where we parked our car.

Beware of motorcyclists!
On the way back, we drove through Bagan Jermal.
While driving through an intersection, our car was hit by a motorcycle.
The rider was flung onto the road when his bike had crashed onto our rear car door.
This was a moment that we dreaded.
Nevertheless, I got out to provide help for the rider.
After checking for vitals, he was okay, except that his right leg was fractured.
Some good samaritans had rendered First Aid for the motorcyclist.
Here's one thing that every motorists must know: There are a lot of motorcyclists in Penang and no matter how careful you are, even if you have the right of way, be wary of speeding bikers.
They don't care if you are in their path.
In my case, I was keeping a decent speed and when our car was hit, I knew that the first thing that I must do, was to assess the damage.
The entire rear fender had been knocked in, causing the tip of the damaged part to grind on the car tire.
Later, Eddie had helped to bend back the fender, but it was still grinding.
We drove to Rangoon road to lodge a police report for the purpose of claiming insurance for the damaged car.
that night, our heart sank.
We were visibly shaken by the incident.
I saw to it that the motorcyclist was sent to the hospital. At least he was allright.
But what kinda puzzled me was the fact that he had refused help.
After all the hoolabaloo, we went back to the hotel and called it a day...

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