Monday, September 17, 2012

Canon's new full-frame camera

Full-frame for all..
The Canon EOS6D was not a well-kept secret.
It came out soon after Nikon had announced their D600 full-frame D-SLR body.

 Bridging the gap
Full-frame D-SLR bodies are not cheap.
It commands a minimum retail price of RM11k a pop.
The EOS6D has a MSRP of USD$2,000 (RM6.1K) which is almost half the price of the EOS5DmkIII.
With this option available, more enthusiasts are expected to switch from their entry-level APS-C D-SLRs to the new full-frame body.

The EOS6D with the new BG-E13 battery grip
 Features at a glance
The EOS6D is a 20.2 Megapixel camera which is Wi-Fi capable and has a built-in GPS feature for Geo-tagging your shots.
It uses an SD Card for recording captures both on still and video.
The 6D is also complemented with a new battery grip - the BG-E13 and accepts the time-proven LP-E6 battery pack.

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