Saturday, October 4, 2008

Busted air-conditioning unit..

Aiyaaaahhh!!! When you least expect it, the home air-conditioning unit had broken down. My wife and I were puzzled as to
why hot air was blowing out from the air-con's split unit vent.And co-incidentally, a coupla guys living next door to us were workers for a refrigeration company. I went to their house this
morning asking for help.A guy there by the name of Danny offered his services. This set me off at least 30 bucks for a consultation. I am yet to see
him to hand over the cash.Michelle told me that the compressor had broken down due to neglect. I am least aware that the unit has to be regularly
serviced. So, in the weeks to come, it would be additional expenses. Now, this is a situation that I truly dread. More money seeping out
of my pocket...
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