Sunday, October 26, 2008

Home sweet home..

A Thai official greeting passengers of the inaugral Subang - Koh Samui flight this morning
Touchdown! The aircraft arriving from Subang
My last night at Koh Samui
The Dinner
The hotel at night..

Nothing can compare the home I share with my lovely wife. Even a RM1,500 per nite room with all the bells and whistles is beyond compare.
I was sleep deprived, thanks to two drama mommas last night and had to pull my self through an early assignment at the Koh Samui airport.
My big boss was there and so was the entire Malaysian Press contingent. I don't really give much thought to the rest.
When he and his wife came down the FN aircraft directly from Subang, I greeted him and shook his hand.
I overheard the Firefly corporate comm director saying something to him and it was boiling hot at the tarmac.
Spent about 15-minutes there with the TV cameraman and shot off to the departure hall.
We had a flight to catch to Subang. I miss my wife and kidz. The Koh Samui assignment was a breeze for me as I am a seasoned traveller.
Firefly's Alita did very well in providing the logistics as well as taking care of business for the Press.
Last night, we had dinner with the hotel owner and some important trade guests from Bangkok.
The Firefly girls of Koh Samui were elated and wanted to show us around Ban Chawaeng.
But one of the magazine writer was ill and had to be sent to the hospital. Seemed that she had a bout with food poisoning.
Her cameraman seemed allright and went on shooting like a madman. For the peanut pay, I really pity him.
So, I went off to Chawaeng with the TV3 crewmen, only to make fast exit and head to straight to the hospital.
We spent a few hours there because the writer and the crew's producer were ill. Funny how it seems - the larger the crew, the tougher things can get.
These folks don't seemed to gel. And one of the senior crew members was also a guy whom I had travelled together with to the US.
That was eight years ago. Seemed like a long time. Anyways, I am glad to be home and will spend the next few days stiching the story together..

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