Friday, October 24, 2008

A soggy morning in Koh Samui

Having a washing machine and a drier on a rainy Saturday morning is a bliss!
The scene taken off my room's balcony at 07:00 this morning..

It's great to have the time advantage here as well as the freedom of moving around alone. The organiser had assigned a driver for me so that I can go and get some common sights of the island.
But I guess with the rain and all, there won't be much to photograph. Thankfully, I can also do some laundry and by the time I get back, the clothes are already dry and I can wear them.
Especially my shorts. Last nite's dinner was a disaster. Solely because all the travel pundits thought they knew what they were doing.
There is this woman travelling with the group who used to be with Malay Mail. I spotted her at the airport, but her attitude showed me that she was indeed the person I kinda marked out..
Anyways, she got a kiasu attitude, so, I guess better leave this one out alone. She also bragged a lot, and the TV crew that I am travelling with were impressed..
I can see the organiser was also very pissed off with the TV crew's team leader last night for demanding this and that.
Lucky for me, I was patient enough to watch the drama unfold and the whole world go by. Today would be a heavy day for picture taking and all the hoohahs.
I hope to get some good shots in town as well as the fishing village around Koh Samui. Maybe a temple shot or some scenery and have a swell time during lunch..
More updates later...
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