Thursday, October 2, 2008


Well, that's it. Two days of break and its back the crunch. Another four-day stretch with the Metro Southeast pages. Man, I dread this.
It's like a groundhog day. I know for a fact that my boss had reprimanded the old fart that has been causing so much problems to some of the sub editors as well
as layout artists.Seeing as it is, a Leopard would never forget its spots and old habits are hard to kick. For a guy who clocks in for work at 8am nearly
everyday, half of his productivity time is wasted on Yahoo, Googling, Facebooking and literally fucking around. He had the time to see what's wrong and quickly get it fixed. But not. This old fart had to be the champion of the free world. The rest of
his problems, he blames it on others. I bore the brunt of his tantrums and bad mood. Usually in the heat of things, he would accuse me of assigning bad stories to his pages.
And that we are shortchanging the readers with crap.If only he could do everything himself and get the pages out in time, I would resign. I put up with this bugger everyday. Whatever he
says, comes in the left ear and goes out the right ear. Nagging and arguing don't solve anything. It just makes things worse. I told my boss if such a situation arise, its better to get it fixed
and move on. That way, things are smooth. They admit that this guy is a problematic person. He couldn't hack it anywhere. Nobody wants him as part
of the team. Over the last four months, I observe that this guy is selfish, greedy and self-centered. He freeloads and made use of some of the
reporters for his own gain. On one occassion, he pelted me with sarcastic remark, indirectly telling me that I am not cut for the job and that others are better. Day
after day, the condescending remarks piled up.Yet, I played possum. Would I let a guy like that get in my way? No. I have seen many characters like this one. Only time would tell if he
could carry on with his behaviour. I want to wait and see how my boss is going to handle this before the situation gets out of hand. In my humble opinion, a transfer is in
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