Sunday, October 19, 2008

What an AWESOME weekend!

Me, the Coonster and Michelle enroute to Central Park
Sir Clifford McNaughty in a pensive mood
We arrived early
Michelle and Axel, a male Siberian Husky pup
Michelle and the Coonster in action!

The Sunday morning weather was good! And as predicted by the weatherman, storms and scattered shower is expected to hit the Klang Valley in the afternoons.
Michelle and I took the kidz to One Utama's Central park at 7am and got there in less-than 20 minutes. And as usual, we went to McDonald's to pack our takeaway.
When we got there, we set up camp. It was a breeze because there were plenty of open space around.
Then this guy walked up to me and asked : "Were you in my collage?" I was dumbfounded for a while.
It took me a while to process his facial recognition and after a short pause, I said : "You are Richard?"
He acknowknowledged. So, I exchanged some small talk with the guy. Back in the early days, this guy was a prick. I guess time heals the rift and when you walk around with a Siberian Husky, even the worst of enemies can reconcile and become friends.
The usual bullshit was : "I did this, that and the other.." So, when I summed it up, this guy had matured a lot. A bonus thing on his side. He scored plenty of points.
Michelle took the Coonkid for registration. This is cool cos we can score some freebies. Today, we got some dog food samples. It's going to be donated to my mother in-law's dogs - Woggie and Sandy Socks.
As the day drew hotter, we mostly chilled out at the usual spot - Camp Husky. My boy behaved pretty well today despite some male Huskies around.
He chomped up a pup to dominate it, but lucky for me, there no serious injuries.
As for the club crowd, the usual folks showed up. I guessed that it was because this month itself was so full of outings, many were engaged in their own matters.
After we cleared up at about 12:45pm, it was time to hit the road and head straight home.
This was the part I dreaded the most : cleaning up. But having said that, it has to be done.
House chores comes first as we head straigth for work first thing in the morning..
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