Thursday, October 2, 2008

Honour thy father..

Oh man! Time really flies! I recall taking my aunt out for lunch yesterday and heading home. Other than catching up with her over some Nando's chicken, the day was utterly uneventful.Back at the old house, I was thrown into the deep end with some guilt trip. She wanted to know if my old man is allright. Seems that she feared the worse had happened.All I know is that if her brother, my dad, needs anything, he will call. Over the past two months, things has been quiet. The freaky part that I didn't tell her is the fact that I dreamt of my old man with long hair and a beard asking me for RM50. Each time I dream of such, someone goes over to the other side. Having deducted the logic, I think he is still up and about and moving around Hot Springs. I would like to make some cash drop, but hard luck hit me this month and the previous month. I think this is going to last for at least six more months before the situation eases up. Sad thing is that I have poured in so much money for the old man to relocate after his life-long partner died. It was a blow to him because he was living off the woman. He seemed lost. I did what I could to alleviate the situation. To get him back on his feet, I threw in some money. Month after month, I kept vigil, hoping that he had settled well. My old man is like a solitary Lion. Proud and selfish. He cannot get along with other folks. Its always others who is against him. I suspect some form of mild schizophrenia, taking after his mother. Way I see it, we have to plan our future and not let it waste away cos when we get older, no one is going to be there to lend a hand. All we have is ourselves.
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