Saturday, October 25, 2008

Mission to Nathorn

The sea was choppy today with strong winds..
A ferry departing for the mainland from Nathorn
The port town of Nathorn, Koh Samui
Fresh catch at the Nathorn wet market
A spice shop at the market

I made an appointment with the hotel's General Manager Khun Chawalit to have a casual chat with him over breakfast.
Well, the food was rich and good. If I stay here at this resort for a month, I would be in the morgue already.
After the conversation, the Firefly PR Exec Alita had arranged for a driver to take me to some common sights in Koh Samui.
High on my watch list is the town of Nakhorn. To put it in a nutshell, Samui is not a small place. Its HUGE.
Ferries from Surat Thani ply the South China Seas to get to this place and bringing along with them, are ugly Malaysians in the superbikes.
I saw some overweight buggers roaring away at downtown Nakhorn. The weather, as predicted, was fucked up.
So, much of my shots were compacted telephoto scenes of the town. There weren't much to shoot, so, we proceeded for lunch some 15-minutes away from this town.
The food was good and as my driver Khun Krit had suggested, it was value for money. I spent about RM40 for three dishes.
Since I am in Thailand, the food I wouldn't give a miss is the Thai coconut curry Tom Kham. This came with seafood and since it was a highly recommended place, it was not a total disappointment.
I had fried whiting with garlic, coconut soup with seafood and petai goreng belacan with shrimps which Khun Krit said - was too spicy.
It was a great lunch and we moved on to Ban Chawaeng. This is the Sukhumvit of Koh Samui, very high end neighbourhood.
But the shots were lousy, so, I snapped a few and went to Tesco Lotus to score some Thai instant noodles.
I noticed that the goods in this island is at least 15% more that what you would get in the mainland. But well, seeing that I won't be making a trip here that soon, it was worth the try.
Later this evening, the organiser had slotted a dinner programme. I don't know exactly what, but would have to play by the ear and find out.
while I am taking a short break from the hectic day, I took advantage of the washing machine to clean my tee-shirt, socks and the micro-fibre wipe.
Hopefully, with the drier in place, I would have some clean socks to wear and not much dirty laundry to bring home.
Tomorrow, it would be an early day cos I would have to rush to the airport and catch the 09:35am flight back to Subang T3.
Word had it that my big boss in on the inaugral flight to Koh Samui from KL. Seems that I would be off on the same day...
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