Saturday, October 25, 2008

Das is good lunch!

Me and Krit the driver at lunch
Deep fried ikan bulus with garlic - sedaaaapz!!
Tom Kham, Tom Yam's evil brother with that extra kickAny place that advertises with Singha Bia is good lah...
For starters, we had grated coconut belacan dip with ulam..

My driver Khun Krit recommended a makan place called Krua Ban Po at the outskirts of Nathorn port in Koh Samui.
He said : "Khun Samo, the price is vely cheap, you must try..." So, having heard that, I sense that the man was sincere, so I tried his recommendation.
We arrived at a very quiet eatery. No one was there at it was about 1:30pm. He ordered some 'spicy' prawn fried with prawn paste.
It turned out to be belacan fried with petai and shrimps. Fuahhh!!! Then I ordered Coconut milk curry with seafood.
I must say that in the years that I have traveled to Thailand, this fare is the BEST. Absolutely no doubts about it.
The third dish was 'fried fish with garlic' which turned out to be deep fried ikan bulus. It was tasty and on a scale of 1 - 10, I give this makan place an 8.
Damage? I paid 370baht, which is roughly about RM42 at this present currency exchange rate.
Koh Samui is an expensive island to start with, and with such an affordable fare, I am planning a return trip with my wife..
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