Friday, October 31, 2008

Great expectations..

This was one of the days where things did not turned out the way I had expected it to be.
I went to the bank to get my internet banking access. Waited for one hour, then when the buzzer rang, the customer service clerk sent me to the wrong cubicle, I waited and nothing happened.
She buzzed again, someone else stepped up. I asked her why she skipped, she said I didn't show up.
Nia mah kah foolat! I was sent to counter 14, she sat at counter 11 and waited. So, spare the wait, I got things straightened out.
Then I checked my bank balance, the pay was in. But it was way below the mark. My photo claims exceeded RM2.6k, taxation came up to RM1.95k.
Fuck the IRB buggers! Not only that, they would continue to deduct my salary till April next year.
Seems like a nightmare, but so far, I have been managing well for three months. All in total, there is a nine-month deduction with the last one being a bomb!
It's going to be a long winter and hopefully, I can sit this one out and cut for a new lease of life after April 2009.
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