Thursday, November 6, 2008

The poorman's dinner

Finished early today, so, the first thing on my mind was to head home and get some rest. 
Need to feed the dogz and cook a quick dinner. Instant noodles. That will be fast and filling. 
Since my wife is not in the house, it would be a waste to cook rice and eat alone. The fastest solution is noodles.
The meatballs and fishballs including some stale veges came in rather handy for the quick fix. 
I sat in front of the TV to savour my meals while the kidz chilled out in the living room. I had expected to come home late today, so, I fed them a little bit in the day.
Lucky for me, I don't have to work late. It took me about an hour to get from Section 16 to USJ 26. 
Once I got in, my mind is set to hole in and stay in the lockdown. TV was also purty boring. There weren't much except for a science fiction movie on Star Movies. 
Tomorrow is gonna be another day.. I just hope to get it over and done with..
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