Friday, November 7, 2008

Shit happens...

When you least expect it, shit happens. I received a call yesterday noon from a colleague. He told me that he was admitted to the hospital for an enlarged heart.
This meant two things. More work and less time out. I've had my break, and was gunning for seven days. 
With one person down, the troubleshooting part kicked in. I convened with the bosses to decide. 
I don't mind pulling the extra working days. This means, my original off days had been yanked off. 
The position in which our downed colleague held, is of importance. He sets the regional pages - controlling six states. 
Whenever he is on his break, I fill in. When I first started learning the ropes, I got my ass kicked. 
The guy who is laying out the pages is meticulous. No mistakes. Yet he made more by being extra careful. People are people. 
Anyways, I am looking at a long month. Possibly flow over to the next coupla months. 
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