Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A year ago, today...

I made a critical decision on my future. The months to come became a pivotal point to my transition from a
mere worker to a supervisor.That said, I went through a total revamp. No baggage from the past. Just be a team player and chug on.
Many were surprise with the move.In the first few months of this year, I had to prove myself. There were plenty to learn and for that, I am glad to
have taken the first step.The road is long and winding and there are plenty of obstacles along the way. The only thing that I can do,
is to persevere and be patient.It took me a year to learn to walk again, I guess this is a piece of cake. Come December, I can look
forward to some rewards from my work.To sum it up, I am glad to have taken the bold move. I won't forgive myself if I am still stuck in the rut, in a
place where I am not appreciated for my work.
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