Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Annoying phone calls

Phone etiquitte. I have been told many times that no matter what, I have to be patient to the caller. And
today is totally different from the rest of the week.Tonnes of calls flooded in and the callers are the crankiest that I've come across. One such person is a
caller from a hospital. She identified herself and started dropping names. I get irritated by this. She wanted Press coverage and
her event listed. I told what to do, and she came back to the same conclusion. "Are we going to get our listing published". I
said : "Depends on space and availibility". The next thing I heard was : "You don't have to shout at me." Now, that was it. On one hand, this woman
needed help, I pointed her to the right direction. It just blew me away because some folks are so feather headed. What the fuck was going through their
mind? My blood pressure shot up the roof for nothing!Oh well, it's just one of those days when you get idiots on the end of the line. I bet there are more and the
best is yet to come...
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