Monday, November 3, 2008

F.U.B.A.R. Monday

I noticed that my car's front left tire pressure was kinda low this morning. So, before heading off to the office, I decided to detour to a nearby petrol station.
There, I tried to inflate it, but failed. The next course of action, was to pump it with a tire sealant.
This worked well with my bikes in the past and the experience that I was going through was a total mess.
The tire valve released some stale air and before I know it, foam from the cannister started to burst and my whole body was stained with a foul and acrid stench of chemical and liquid latex.
How did I handle this? Well, I took out a towel and gave myself a wipedown and figured that if I don't remedy situation - I won't get to work on time.
So, as a last ditched effort, I used the 'overkill' method of pumping a deflated tire. The moment I see the wheel inflating again, my hope was high.
I was in a better mood. Spare the mess, I am still able to wind my way to the office through the morning rush hour.
With the day almost over, I went down to the parking bay again to check on my left tire and found it to be in a good shape.
There is enough air to get me home. Still, the fear factor lingers on. Having said that, I guess it's the car's way of telling me that it's in need of a tire change. More money flying out the window!
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