Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My aunt's cooking..

Stuffed eggpland
Pig's trotters soup! 
A generous spread..

There's nothing like good ol homecooked food. I was expecting to take my aunt Lorraine out for lunch today, but she had some surprise waiting.
She raised me from young and I lived with her till I was 35. Four years after moving out from my aunt's home in Setapak, I still make my regular visits.
One of the highlights - was lunch. She took some effort to cook and I was pleasantly surprised with her skills on the wok.
Today, I had yong tau foo (stuffed vegetables Hakka style) and roasted pig's trotters soup with white raddish. 
And man, the food was amazing. Since she live alone and has a boyfriend visiting her regularly, there's enough good stuff to last her for days. 
Like any loving mother, aunt Lorraine will nag a bit, and asked how I coped with my married life.
I left her home in mid-day after finishing some of her excellent home cooked food. The rest was a rush to get doggie shampoo for my kidz, lightbulbs and some gravy to cook curry chicken for dinner later tonight..
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