Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Soggy morning..

Wednesday. Another typical day on the calendar. I woke up early to get to work like the usual. But the
weather played up.It rained heavily and it took me nearly an hour to get to the office, but I was early. There's much to do, but
the waiting part for a story from the racing desk nearly bored me to death.As for lunch, I took off to AMCORP mall to have lunch there. Nasi Padang that is. At RM11.60, well, I
cannot complain because the food is good.Made my way to the back-issue magazine shop and rounded up two mags. I am a happy man. Then, it
was time to head back to the office.Met an old friend from the former workplace and chatted with him a bit. We exchanged notes and found out
that we had suffered the same fate at the establishment we once served.Mrs Samo called later in the day, said she was boarding a flight to Bali, Indonesia. I told her to stay away
from nightspots following the death execution of three convicted bombers.I hope that she will make good her stay there. Meanwhile, I would have to hole in with the kidz at home till I
pick her up on Saturday.
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