Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The roof rack solution..

The Thule carrier
Don't be fooled by its look, this simple system can cost a bomb!

Our family may hit the road North next year on a tour of Penang. Since my car has a limited boot space, I have been thinking of adding a roof rack system on it.
And after a long wait, I found one at the Thule showroom in Ikano Power Centre. As a matter of fact, I had a Thule system before. 
It was used on my Suzuki Jimny 1300. To my shock, I found the new racking system for my Perodua Myvi priced at RM2,700. 
Speak about inflated prices, I wonder why the Thule showroom in Ikano Power Centre is still surviving. 
With a high pricing factor, I don't think the Thule racks are an accessory for anybody. You need to mint money to land one... 
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