Sunday, November 23, 2008

There goes my weekend...

The kidz
A winged visitor at our porch..

Spent the weekend with my wife and our dogs. First thing I did on Saturday morning, was give the kidz their much needed bath.
After a few days in the rain, they started to smell. After completing the task, we went out shopping. 
The wife needed to get some kiddy books for her god daughter in Melbourne. We had plenty to eat and wound up the day by having a simple dinner at home. 
On Sunday, I had to do some marketing chore. Made a trip to the SS15 market to get some meat and vegetables. 
We also checked out the Sunway Pyramid and bought some stuff from Ace Hardware. I need to replace my damaged garden trowel. 
Tomorrow - its back to work.. Three days on and three days off! Couldn't have asked for more.. 
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