Wednesday, November 12, 2008


My lunch...
The stall...

It's the middle of the week and progress has been steady. Despite the battle against lethargy in the
morning hour rush, I managed to close the regional pages for Friday.Then, it was time to shoot off for lunch and stock up for my food trail column. I picked gerai no 17 at Medan
Selera Seksyen 14 for this purpose.It kinda rekindled an old acquaintance at the place who served me some really good Nasi Padang when I
worked in Section 13. Now, that is nearly two decades ago! Lunch was good and fast and for RM4.50, I cannot complain. Later, I
checked out the Digital Mall and cruised the place in search of a Lenovo mini lappie. I am very interested in it, but as the rules has it, better hunker in and wait. He who waits, always gets the
best bargain...

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