Monday, November 10, 2008

MIGF : Zing Restaurant @ Grand Millennium

The Shark-fin soup

This is my fourth year trying out the Malaysian International Gourmet Festival food. My wife and brother in-law sponsored the meals to commemorate my father in-law's birthday which is around the corner.
Out of all the participating restaurants, they picked Zing Chinese restaurant at the Grand Millennium hotel which was formerly known as the Regent.
An old place with a new look. Well, being a typical hotel outlet, I'd say that the decor and ambience in this makan place is kinda within my expectations.
Service was so-so, the beers we ordered came in stale. Anyways, that was quickly fixed. For starters, there's the three lil bite-sized creations, mixed vege dumpling, fried shrimp with goose liver and scallop with asparagus. Verdict - just barely scraping the 'okay' mark.
Then came the soup - shark's fin and ginseng. What I find interesting in this presentaiton - is the smoothness of the fin. Taste wise, overpowering. The Ginseng is kinda strong and it killed the sweetness of the chicken broth.
For main course, I had the grilled Cod. Taste wise, it's good. But the tatami iwashi that came with it didn't match the overall taste.
Accompanying the main course, was a noodle dish. They called it cat's ears. Well, it kinda looked like shell pastas.
There's a strong dried shrimp taste on this one. Perhaps too strong. On a scale of 1 - 10, I'd give it a 4.5.
Lastly, dessert. Fried yam dumplings with white chocolate filling. Not bad. Then there's the rice pudding. Not my bag. What made this sweet after meal dish unique - is the gold foil.
Overall, I think this outlet rates a 6 out of 10. There are better ones out there, hopefully, I'll snag at least one more try.
I saw the guide book and well, sad to say, it's filled with some really pretentious folks and con artists. Only a handful are cool folks..
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