Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Singapore run

The Wine and Cheese session
My buddy - completely zonked out
Lunch hour in downtown Singapore...

This is something that I have been doing for years. Jump into a car, shoot down across the border and return on the same day.
Its the most taxing trip ever - both physically and mentally demanding. Since the exchange rate is not favourable for a night stop, the most sensible thing to do, is to get in, round up the get list and bug out by sundown.
Today, my buddy Lawrence and I did it in record time. We shot down to JB at 5:30am, reached the causeway at 8:45am, had breakfast and moved across.
As expected, the traffic was smooth. We went to Serangoon to run some chores before parking the vehicle at Capitol building at North Bridge Road.
I think we spend plenty of time at Campers Corner, an outfitter store which is owned by an old friend of ours Calvin Tay.
He and I became friends two decades ago and well, we are still chugging along. I had some time out to look around for a travel tripod, but didn't have any luck scoring one.
We ended the day with some wine and cheese at Campers and by 7:45pm, was done and moved on to the Second Link in Tuas.
Lawrence and I had late dinner in Skudai, Johor, where I briefly lived for a coupla months before touching down at my home at 12:20am. Fantastic! And we will be doing it again! 
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