Sunday, November 23, 2008

Seven years ago, today..

My left leg after a final surgery to remove the foot long bone implant
The Gilera Runner 180SP which I rode on that fateful day..

This very day on the same date seven years ago, I spent a month in the hospital recovering from coumpound fracture of my left tibia and fibula.No word can describe the pain and despair I went through. Alltogether, I spent a year learning on how to
walk again. I give my thanks and gratitude to friends who came and visited me during my time of solace. The
experience also taught me that when you expect your company's managers to be humane, they never did a
thing. The experience showed that only friends and family members who care would do something to take away
the feeling of helplessness.That same year, I met my wife-to-be and as for the recovering leg, I underwent four major and two minor
surgeries.In November 2002, I finally had a foot-long bone implant on my left leg and three screws removed. Now,
that was a relief!

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