Thursday, November 20, 2008

Someone's hurt...

I love fan mail!

Dear Mr. Sam Cheong,

On 15/11, two days after reading your “Chicken soup to make your day” (STARMETRO, 13/11), I sent you an e-mail and suggested that you could have made a mistake in giving the address of Q-up Coffee Shop because I could not find it anywhere near Goodyear Court 6.
You did not respond. Anyway I went around and finally found it. You gave the address as “Goodyear Court 6, USJ 2” but it should be “Subang Perdana Court 2, USJ 6”. Oh what a mistake, or should I say mistakes.
What disappoint me most is, with those mistakes in your Food Trail, you did not even make an effort to apologise to those faithful readers of yours and give the correct address as a footnote in your Food Trail on 20/11. How then do you expect them to find the Q-up Coffee Shop and try the hor fun there?

Cheers, Bernard Lau

Note to self : Shoot me!

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