Thursday, October 2, 2008

Bill Siegle's Largish Utility..

me at work with the Siegle blade
The knife slices coconuts effortlessly
Its a super rugged knife and very nice to hold
Well, I hope that someday, Bill would make an S30V version of this awesome largish utility.

I have plenty of admiration for knifemaker Bill Siegle. He made three knives for me and so far, I've kept one which is very dear to me and sold the other two.

One of them was my 7" largish utility. It's sharp as hell and can slice a coconut without much effort.

For USD$175 a pop, I can't complain. My only beef here is the steel which is high in carbon content. I rusts like hell and well, after factoring the pros and cons, I decided to part ways with it.

Its now living happily every after in Thailand..

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