Monday, October 20, 2008


My day starts at 0:600am. The dogs came up and the nite earlier, they had to stay indoors because of the heavy rain.
I sent them out at 03:00am so that they could do their business and get them back into our room.
Anyways, the drive to work wasn't as smooth as I have expected. That said, most of the work was done in advance, so, what I need to do, is update a story from the North.
Later in the day, some changes were made. Everything was smooth until one of our writers from Miri started to kick some shit.
He wanted more pictures to be used in his piece. I told him only one so far, he got ballistic. Lucky for me, the sub-editor did her job very well, another save!
There were some layout changes at the last moment, but everything was smooth sailing by 05:00pm.
Then, it started to pour. I have a bad feeling that the ride home would be affected by the evening rush hour as well.
That said, I have only one more day to serve before going on my leave and break for 10 days. And shoot off to Koh Samui in Thailand for a two-day job...

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