Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sharperner upgrade...

Spyderco's Sharpmaker model 204
The Edge Pro sharperner
DMT's Aligner

One of my earliest frurstrations on using and collecting knives - was keeping it sharp.
I had hones and oils before but it turned out that I mostly destroy the edge on my knives.
So, at one point, I gave up. It wasn't until eight years ago when I discovered that sharpening knives is made easy by the Spyderco Sharpmaker Model 203.
My knives began to get a razor edge, hair popping sharp! Since then, I have never reverted to any other form of sharpeners.
Basically, its a set of triangular ceramic rods placed on a base that gives it a 'V' shape.
The design was simple and the brainchild of Sal Glesser who founded Spyderco Inc with his wife Gail.
Glesser travelled across the US on a modified bread truck before settling down in Golden, Colorado to concentrate on producing sharperners and eventually, became one of the leading knife manufacturers in the world.
Yes. I shit you not! His sharpmaker was upgraded to the Model 204 which features back beveling and a 20-degree angle for each side of the balde.
The 204 is one of the most versatile sharpeners around to give your knife a utility edge.
Later, I found out that there were more products out there that rivals the Spyderco sharperners.
One of them were Edge Pro's Apex sharpener. This is a premium-priced produced where many seasoned knife users have sweared by it.
I am yet to sink my paws on one. Then, recently, DMT sharperners, a pioneer in producing industrial diamond impregnated hones - came up with the 'Aligner'.
This concept is similar to what GATCO and Lansky is offering in the market.
Basically - it's a sharperner that comes with a clamp and a base. I cannot explain it, seeing is believing.
So, with a base price of USD$41.75, (cheapest so far) this is a good and safe beat. Best of all, it can be stashed in a nylon pouch for travel.
Having said that, I am looking forward to scoring one - perhaps a Christmas gift for myself by the end of this year..

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